Gunged in the Tub Part 1
"Leila gets 3 buckets of gunge poured on her in skimpy clothing"

This is the first part of a fun custom video I shot where 50 liters of gunge gets poured on me. In this part I start off sitting in the tub fully-clothed in super shot cut off jean shorts and a white cropped belly shirt. The first two buckets are poured over my head, one right after the other. There is about three solid mins of translucent green and blue gunge being poured on my head and running down my face and body. After that I spend about two mins rubbing it all over myself. Then the 3rd bucket of a thick creamy yellow gunge (it looks basically like custard) is poured right on my boobs. I rub this on my skin and clothes and tell you how wonderful it feels. I then tease the camera and tell you how I want to strip off all of my clothes and rub it all over. This is just a tease for the second half, this first part is totally non-nude.

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"Amazing video!"
stickinthemud  3/1/14

As a hair guy, this is probably one of the best videos I have ever purchased. I bought both parts, and I didn't find anything negative in either of them. Leila is hot, the slime is amazing, and the filming was very well done. Leila looks great covered head to toe in this transparent slime and appears to be having a wonderful time. And as a hair fan that usually has to find material to my liking with a bunch of trial and error purchases, this was great. Lots of working the slime into her hair or running her hands through it, and lots of flipping her hair around her body. If she was to film another video like this with forward head dunking in it, I would probably never have to purchase another video again. Thank you Leila for your awesome work, and I am really looking forward to more from you in the future.

"Fully-clothed gunging never looked so good"
bravocharlie  4/18/13

If non-nude WAM is your thing then Leila is now your girl! In this, part one of two, Leila treats us to a fully-clothed gunging wearing a lovely little white t-shirt that goes lovely and see-through as more and more gunge is poured over her head. She complements the white tee with a really cute looking bra and a little pair of denim shorts.

Leila clearly enjoys rubbing it all over her clothes and her body and I could watch her doing that all day long. The quality of the video is plenty good enough to lap up the view. And the model, well, she's stunning! :)

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