Gunged in the Tub Part 2
"Covered in 50 liters of gunge and stripping nude"

In this video which is the second and final part of this series I start off in the tub which is already filled from the first three buckets of gunge. I am laying on my stomach as a bucket of green gunge is slowly poured on my hair, back, ass and feet. I play in the tub of gunge for a bit, rubbing it on my legs and the rest of my body. I then sit up as a bucket of thick translucent blue gunge is poured over my head. After this I slowly strip out of my clothes, so for about half of the video I am fully nude. I roll around in the tub which is now filled with 50 liters of gunge! I rub it into my hair and on my face. At one point I squeeze some of it out of my hair and it slowly drips down my boobs. My face stays messy for the majority of this video and I talk to the camera a bit telling you how good it feels to rub it all over my body.

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Date added:4/15/13
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User comments
From gungeboy89  2/4/16
This is the greatest video on the Internet!
From philip  11/20/13
wet and sexy
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