Pied and Fuck Part 1 and 2
"Pies, bondage and sex"

My boyfriend lost a bet so now he has to do whatever I want. I have him bound to a chair naked and tease him a bit before going to change into a sexy dress. I come back with some thick, cold cream pies. I tease him as I grind the pies into his face and hair. I also use one to pie him right on the cock! I notice my nice dress has gotten messy and I blame him and slap him in the face for it. I then remove my dress so I am topless as I hit him with the rest of the pies. I sit on his lap and stroke his hard cock. Once I have humiliated him enough I unbind him and tell him to get on the bed so I can do whatever I want to him. I get on top of him and start fucking him until I cum. I then take a quick break and suck his cock before fucking him in reverse cow-girl position. I then turn around and we both cum with me on top of him. In part 2 I noticed I accidentally left one pie in the kitchen. I have already cleaned up but my boyfriend is still in the shower. I surprise him with a pie in the face and it's so thick he can't see until he wipes some off and smears it on me. To make it up to him I then give him a quick blowjob in the shower.

*The first video is over 18 mins long and the second part is a little over 4 mins long.*

File count:2
Total size:1.18 GB
Total runtime:23 mins, 4 secs
Date added:8/29/17
Scene ID:24258
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