Revenge Gone Wrong
"I fall into my own sticky trap and get hit with pies"

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Total runtime:30 mins, 8 secs
Date added:1/05/14
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I play a pissed off goth chick who wants to get revenge on a girl at my school who humiliated me in class. I start off by making eight big cool whip pies covered with chocolate syrup to throw at that bitch Karen. I then set a sticky and slippery trap by spreading slime all over the floor where I know Karen will have to walk after her cheer leading practice. But I manage to screw up real bad and cover too much of the floor and trap myself so I can't go anywhere without steeping into the slime. I try my best to slowly walk over it but manage to slip and slide and fall several times in the slime. My combat boots, ripped pantyhose, plaid skirt and shirt get all sticky with the slime. After falling and sliding around a lot I manage to stand up again and suddenly I get hit in the chest with a pie that knocks me back on the floor. Off screen that bitch Karen throws all 8 pies at me as I struggle and slide around on the floor. I try to wipe the mess off of me but the combination of the slime and cool whip turns into a marshmallow fluff like substance that just wont come off. I complain and beg for help but Karen just ignores me and keeps throwing those pies. The video ends with me sticky and frustrated still stuck on the floor. This was a custom video that has a lot of back story and lead up before the mess starts which is why this video is priced low for such a long video. But if you love a good story line and lots of mess then this video is a steal!
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"An excellent video. I'm a new fan!"
Myds  1/7/14

Leila looks great in this. The plot is good, and her outfit is wonderful. I once didn't think this model was "my type," but with this video she won me over! Looking forward to more of her work. The buildup to the WAM action leaves one anticipating so that when she gets messy, it is all the more amazing.

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