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POV Pie Trivia Part 1
Added yesterday    544 views

Leila agrees to play a trivia game where a wrong answer gets her hit in the face with a pie and two wrong answers in a row means she has to remove a piece of clothing. Unfortunately for her, all the questions are about a popular fantasy book series t...
Lesbian Holiday Party Part 2
Added 12/20/17    1375 views

Delirious and Leila are already messy from part 1 of this series but the fun is just getting started. The two remove their messy sweater dresses so they are topless and just wearing pantyhose. They each take a bottle of syrup and squirt each other ri...
Filthy Pie Slut
Added 12/10/17    1841 views

Leila starts off with a gag in her mouth, nude, and bound in the shower. Dean comes in and removes her gag before hitting her in the face with a pie. He then pours thick yellow cake batter over her head. He hits her with several more pies and when sh...
Savory Tights Filling
Added 11/9/17    1643 views

Leila starts off wearing a sweater, black skirt, black pantyhose and high heels. She takes her heels off to pour a whole bottle of salad dressing into both of her heels before putting them back on. She uses a 2nd bottle of dressing and pours it on he...
Pie and Slime Wars
Added 11/7/17    7901 views

Leila Hazlett and Ryan decided to play a game of war but to make it more interesting the loser of each round has to either take off a piece of clothing or get hit with a pie. And once the pies are all gone and there are no more clothes to remove the...
Dildo Fucking In The Shower
Added 10/7/16    1770 views

I relax in the shower wearing a long backless formal dress. As my dress gets wet I play with the long skirt which becomes semi-transparent. Once I am fully soaked I grab a life-like dildo that I start playing with. It has a suction cup so I stick it...
Mud Test
Added 7/26/17    1445 views

Leila is outdoors looking for some mud to play in. She finds some dark thick mud. She starts off my seeing how much she can since down into the mud. it's so thick she has to struggle to get down and at one point her leg gets stuck and she has to dig...
Green Slime Outdoors
Added 6/10/16    2426 views

This is a behind the scenes video of a photo shoot where I cover my naked body in translucent green slime out in the woods. The natural setting makes a nice contrast with the shiny green slime. I start by pouring on my chest and let it drip down my b...
1 file
A Sensual Shower
Added 11/29/14    4183 views

34.34 MB
Jordan Leigh enjoys herself in a nice warm shower wearing a white miniskirt, nude pantyhose, tight pink top and purple bra and thong. She sensually rubs her wet body and play with her clothes, lifting up her skirt a bit and even pulling at her wet p...
Pie Date
Added 10/14/17    1611 views

In this POV fantasy clip Leila plays your girlfriend that you have surprised with several pies. She is excited to see five pies lined up next to her. She is excited to pie herself for you and hits herself in the face with a thick chocolate pudding pi...
Close Up Body Painting
Added 5/25/16    1832 views

All the excitement of watching paint dry with the added erotic touch of close up shots of my tits, ass and pussy as I paint my naked body green. I paint my chest, stomach, pussy, thighs and my ass with a foam paint brush. At the end the camera pans...
Sexy Mud Bath
Added 11/3/16    3678 views

Elvira Bella Morte goes into thick dark tidal mud wearing a skin tight cocktail dress and nude pantyhose. She rolls around in the mud and starts by rubbing it over her feet and legs then rubs it over her dress and arms. Once her dress is covered she...
PVC Raincoat and Dress in the River
Added 3/10/16    2574 views

Leila is out for a walk and comes up to a beautiful river in the woods. She wants to go in the river but isn't dressed for it so she goes home to change. She puts on a pair of back seemed stockings and garter belt and then puts a pair of nude panty...
Soapy Shower and Shampooing
Added 2/18/16    2560 views

Leila wants to relax after a long day so she takes a shower in her work clothes, a satin button down shirt, red stockings and garters, and a pencil skirt. She enjoys the feel of the hot water and her wet clothes. She then takes a container of liqui...
Slime in the Tub
Added 1/24/16    2574 views

Leila is topless wearing just a pair of pink danskin dance tights. She takes a bucket of blue slime and pours it down the front of her tights and then pours some down the back. She enjoys the feeling of the warm slime in her tights and rubs it on h...
Messy Dress Destruction
Added 7/12/17    1531 views

Leila wants to make her boring white dress more exciting. She starts by squirting some chocolate syrup over the dress and herself. She then adds some caramel syrup as she talks about how good it feels running down her hair and body. To add even more...
Flight Delay--Messy Fantasy
Added 7/31/17    2072 views

In this video Leila plays a flight attendant who's flight is delayed. She in in the employee lounge and notices a bunch of desserts. There are no forks or plates out so she dips her finger into a chocolate pudding pie covered in cool whip topping. It...
Wet Clothes Ripping #2
Added 7/15/16    2521 views

I quickly show off my outfit before turning on the shower. I slowly get my clothes wet. My blue cotton shirt becomes see-though and my long green skirt becomes a much darker green once wet. I play with my wet clothes and enjoy the feel of the shower...
Wet and Messy Raincoat
Added 10/12/15    3071 views

Leila is dressed up in a long yellow PVC rain coat and hat with a satin button-down shirt, pvc mini-skirt, and tan pantyhose. She has 6 big cream pies lined up which has her very excited. She rubs her pvc coat moaning with pleasure as she pies hers...
Naked and Pied
Added 5/5/17    1806 views

Leila starts off this video fully nude and showing off her sexy body. She flexes her biceps and you get a close up view of her sexy ass and strong legs. She says she's so strong she only needs one hand to pie herself in the face really hard. She play...
Sticky Leather Destruction
Added 11/9/16    2667 views

I'm working at my home office but am sick of writing emails so I decided to do something a bit more exciting. I stand up and show off my sexy white satin blouse and long grey leather skirt and get excited at the idea of trashing my nice clothes. I st...
Wet Hair Play
Added 6/2/16    2111 views

I get into the shower wearing jeans and a grey hoodie zip-up sweat-shirt. I fully soak my clothes and hair and play with my wet hair. At one point I turn the shower off and just play with my hair and flip it around. I unzip my hoodie, pull up my t...
Wet Orgasm
Added 5/20/16    3834 views

Leila takes a steamy shower in a cotton button-down white shirt and a long flowing skirt with vintage lingerie underneath. As the shirt gets wet and becomes semi transparent you can see the purple lingerie underneath. Leila enjoys the feel of the h...
Pb&j with Marshmallow Fluff
Added 5/13/16    2344 views

Leila shows off her tight shiny pink tights before squirting a container of grape jelly down the front of them. She then turns around and pours strawberry jelly down the back of her tights. She wants to get even stickier so she grabs the marshmallo...
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Ruined Leather Booties
Added 1/30/13    4703 views

5.54 MB
1 review!
This video starts off with me slipping my pantyhose covered feet into my ankle high leather booties and then lacing them up. I show them off to the camera and when I turn around to show you the back side view you get a quick peek up my skirt (oops,...
Tropical Shower
Added 1/21/13    4627 views

While on vacation in a tropical paradise I find a cute outdoor bamboo shower and just have to try it out. I get in the outdoor shower while wearing a cute pin-up style cotton dress. I soak my dress and get my long hair totally wet. The camera pans...
Cake Sitting And Caramel
Added 4/22/16    2659 views

Leila has two cakes and two bottles of caramel syrup next to her. While fully nude she sits on the pink cake with her back to the camera, bringing her ass up and down to show off the mess, She grinds her ass into it and rubs the remaining cake all o...
Shiny, Wet, and Horny
Added 5/22/17    1693 views

Leila starts off talking to the camera showing off her shinny skin tight semi-transparent Japanese Bathing suit. She rubs her hands up and down it talking about how good it feels and how it will feel even better when wet. She turns on the shower and...
2 files
Adult Pie Network
Added 8/19/16    3030 views

In this POV role play video I'm the host of a show where I try to turn you on and get you to cum on a pie for me which I will then smash in my face. I seductively take the first pie, a banana cream pie, and hit myself in the face with it. I let some...
Shower In All White
Added 5/9/17    1408 views

Leila is dressed in just a pair of tight white semi-sheer leggings and a short white t-shirt that exposes her midriff. Once her clothes get soaked they become see-though and she isn't wearing a bra or panties. She enjoys touching herself in the showe...

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