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Total Shaving Mess
Added 13 days ago    1026 views
Leila Hazlett is on her way out when she realizes she forgot to shave. Not wanting to take her skin tight PVC pants off she decides to quickly shave her pussy by ripping a hole in her pants. Once the crotch of her pants are ripped open she rubs shavi...
Bundle: Messy Surprise
Added 7/12/14    10652 views
Bundle price:
Originally $19.97
I decide to hire a lovely model and friend of mine Sarah Michelle to shoot with me but don't tell her exactly what I want to do to her. I start by making her close her eyes as I pour a big bowl of cake batter over her head! She then gets a treatmen...
2 files
Just for You
Added 7/14/14    3708 views
In this sexy fantasy video Daisy Mae covers her naked body just for you. She starts out with chocolate syrup and drips it on her chest. Following your instructions she continues to pour it on her body and rub it all over. She even covers her orang...
Clown Party
Added 10/31/14    4444 views
Leila Hazlett is getting ready for a clown themed party and wants to test out her balloons filled with shaving cream In full clown make up including a rubber nose she pops the three balloons over her head getting her pig-tails and tits messy. She th...
Added 12/19/14    2890 views
Wearing my long red wedding dress, crystal necklace and gold heels I treat myself to a decadent milk bath. Once my dress is nicely soaked I add some honey to the mix starting by pouring some on my hair which has been curled and styled in pin-up fash...
Sweet and Sticky Part 2
Added 2/12/15    4032 views
This is the erotic conclusion to my "Sweet and Sticky" video. I start out covered in honey wearing mary jane heels and a white lace bra and thong that are totally see-through. I rub the honey on my body a little before removing my bra. I then pour...
Office Party
Added 2/20/15    8059 views
Leila is sick of doing paper work and decides to have some fun with the desserts for the office party since no one else is around. She lifts up her skirt showing off her nice argyle tights before sitting on a cherry cream pie. She then smashes a pu...
Kinky For You
Added 3/16/15    3889 views
In this kinky custom video Leila gets messy with a bowl full of yellow gunge. First she puts her bare feet in it to see how it feels before dunking her face in it. She then pours some over her head. Next she dunks her hair in the bowl to make sure...
Chocolate Girls
Added 5/8/15    3253 views
In this unscripted video Leila and Bianca Baker cover their naked bodies in chocolate syrup. This is Bianca's first time getting messy so Leila suggests that she start by dunking her face in the bowl of chocolate. Leila then dunks her face and the...
Winter Wam
Added 5/13/15    7239 views
It's Leila's last night of her winter vacation and she wants to make it a special night by getting herself very messy. She starts by sitting on a big cream pie and then hits herself with another cream pie on her chest. She then pours some pancake s...
Glitter Girl Shower
Added 6/12/15    2471 views
I start off all shiny and messy from the glitter glue and translucent purple slime I covered myself with. I first just let the warm water run over my body hoping that will dissolve the glue. Of course it doesn't come off that easily. I have to rub...
Flight Attendant Messy Cosplay
Added 6/19/15    5722 views
In this custom video Leila plays a flight attendant who gets bored on a long international flight so she gets messy with the desserts that she was supposed to serve to the customers. She sits on a chocolate mousse pie and then puts her tights covere...
Gunge The Dress
Added 7/10/15    3695 views
"Since this is such a special day I want to do something extra special for you!" Leila pretends that you are her SO and she is getting messy just for you! First the takes a big bucket of yellow gunge and dumps it over her head. The thick gunge slow...
Savory Humiliation
Added 12/10/17    6360 views
Layla Moore and Sarah Michelle lead Leila into a room telling her they have a nice surprise for her. Leila is very excited until they remove the blindfold and she realizes she has been tricked. The girls confront her about the rumors Leila has been...
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Bronze Beauty
Added 2/27/18    3303 views
This is a "behind the scenes" video of Leila painting herself with metallic bronze body paint before a photo shoot. The is no dialog/plot, just Leila covering her naked body in paint. She paints the front of her body and face and hair. At the very...
Bundle: Two Girl Scenes
Added 1/23/18    1178 views
Bundle price:
Originally $64.00
Leila with other girls getting wet and messy. Features Sarah Michelle, Violet Stone and Elana Bohemia. 2 pie trivia games, a wetlook trivia game, an extreme sticky scene with head to toe marshmallow fluff and black treacle, and a kinky bdsm slime sce...
Silk and Nylon
Added 2/24/18    1117 views
Leila shows off her silk dress and shiny dance tights before getting into the shower for you. She starts by just getting her legs wet making her Nylons shiny and semi-transparent. She flips her hair into the water then flips it back letting the water...
Blue Tights Slimed
Added 4/27/17    2409 views
While topless I pour 3 pitchers of slime down my blue patterned tights. I then play in the pool of red slime on the floor to get my tights fully covered in slime. I take an empty pitcher and refill it with slime and pour slime on my legs and chest...
Added 3/6/17    5040 views
In this custom fantasy video Leila Hazlett plays an escort who has been paid to get pied. Shot POV style she shows off her lingerie for you then asks you to give it to her slowly. A pie is smeared in her face and hair as she moans. She is pied sev...
Glitter Girl
Added 2/22/18    4217 views
While shopping I found some colorful glitter glue and I had to buy them I couldn't resist the idea of making myself all sparkly I start out wearing a white slip, white bra and white mary jane heels. I start with the red and drip it all over my le...
Foamy Facial Shower
Added 12/17/16    1254 views
This was filmed right after my Foamy Facial video so I start off with my hair, face and upper body covered in foam. I then get in the shower and rinse off until I am clean.
Foamy Facial
Added 12/16/16    1415 views
Leila starts this video by showing off her long red hair and then precedes to cover the top of her head with shaving cream. She makes a mountain of shaving cream on the top of her head and then rubs it down onto the rest of her hair. She works it int...
Dildo Fucking In The Shower
Added 10/7/16    1954 views
I relax in the shower wearing a long backless formal dress. As my dress gets wet I play with the long skirt which becomes semi-transparent. Once I am fully soaked I grab a life-like dildo that I start playing with. It has a suction cup so I stick it...
Your Reward Part 2
Added 12/21/17    4359 views
I start off naked with my legs spread about to hit myself in the face with a pie as a reward to you for doing such a good job of worshiping my ass. I pie myself hard using two hands each time and use a total of 15 creampies with crust. I then lean...
Bundle: Slime!
Added 6/16/16    3286 views
Bundle price:
Originally $47.00
This contains multiple videos of me playing in slime nude and with clothing. One scene features me in pink tights pouring blue slime down my tights. I then take them off and pour pink slime over my head. The two colors mix in the tub as I scoop up a...
Frosting and Finger Fucking
Added 12/17/17    4694 views
Leila Hazlett starts out naked and tells you that she wants to cover herself in colorful frosting for you. First she takes a can of purple frosting and rubs it over her breast, stomach, ass and leg. The she takes a can of blue frosting and covers t...
White Chocolate
Added 1/2/17    8158 views
This is my most erotic video yet! I start off topless wearing all white; a corset, garter belt, stockings, panties and heels. I talk to the camera pretending you are my boyfriend and I'm covering myself in chocolate just for you. I start by pourin...
Wet Clothes Ripping
Added 6/26/15    3740 views
Leila Hazlett gets in the shower fully-clothed in a purple cotton tank top, shorts and a bra and panties. She enjoys the warm water soaking her clothes and hair. After a few mins she takes a pair of scissors and cuts a small hole on her now see-thr...
Green Slime Bath
Added 2/26/18    1222 views
Leila gets in a tub of chunky green slime wearing a tight PVC crop top, tight skirt and red high heels. She plays around enjoying the feel of the warm slime on her body. She removes her heels to fill them with slime. When she lays back she also fills...
Zentia Bath
Added 4/24/15    2886 views
I love tight and shiny clothes! In this video I show off my new purple metallic zentia suit and then wear it in the tub. I relax in the warm water and then fully submerge myself twice. I then remove the hood and play in the water some more. I dun...

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