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PiedGoofball  6/15/18

this is a great video i really enjoyed it leila hazlett is the best, coverage could have been better around the nose, i could still see clean skin around the nose but other than that perfect video :)

"Every wedding dress deserves the Leila treatment"
sauceboss  5/1/17

Leila looks so lovely in a pristine, beautiful white wedding dress! She clearly really enjoys trashing nice clothes, and immediately ruins the dress with molasses. No going back now--the dress is fully soaked in a variety of shiny gooey messy substances, until the only logical thing to do is rip it to shreds. She takes her time with this and rips off each layer separately, the sound of the delicate material shredding is intoxicating. At the end, she says "It looks better like that, on the floor," and you know what? She's absolutely right!

"Sexy lady in some sexy mud."
Jkphlyers  3/25/17

This was a really nice scene. Sateen Dubois wears a sexy shiny red leather skirt. She's not shy with the mud and gets right to it rubbing it all over her gorgeous body. She rolls around in the mud a lot and then covers her hair and then her face.The mud quality is great, it's dark and coats her body really well. I would love to have seen more of her beautiful face after she was fully covered. I would love to see more and I she would do nudity, because she has a really nice body.

"Sultry redhead, great orgasm, great quality."
mm7th2  7/1/16

First, I enjoy messy masturbation videos in general, and Leila's in particular. How much she enjoys what she is doing really comes across. She has a very sultry voice and there is a very erotic build up to coated in mess and climaxing. Quite worth the download.

The video itself is great quality and was enjoyable on my television. Very crisp image and sound: her hands rubbing against the hose, squelchy noises and her moans all come across very well. It's easy to get lost in it.

"She knows exactly what she's doing, and it's beautiful."
WritesNaughtyReviews  2/27/16

Leila really has a gift for cake sitting. Sure, her ass is astoundingly nice, but it's more than that. She does more than just sit on cakes. She immerses herself in them. She grinds them into goo, works them into each delightful crevasse, and spreads them over every inch of skin until she's absolutely coated in sweet bliss. What she did to that chocolate cake, for example, came right out of a wet dream.

"Hot Hot Hot!"
PiemeLA  2/26/16

I'm addicted to this couple. Both sexy and the dude totally gets humiliated pie after pie in his face while he strokes his big cock and then actually cums onto a cream pie that she then smashes in his face for his ultimate degradation. Like seeing his pubes grow back. Would love to see his butt and pits messed up to. So worth buying!

"Lucky guy is messy and sexy"
piehappy2000  2/25/16

Extremely messy and sexy. Great target who definitely enjoys getting many pies in the face and all over. Excellent "happy ending." Just wish there were some shots from the rear and maybe a couple of pie sittings. But was definitely worth buying!

WAMSHOES2  3/2/14

Love Leila's style. She has such a great time messing and soaking her clothes and shoes.

"Amazing video!"
stickinthemud  3/1/14

As a hair guy, this is probably one of the best videos I have ever purchased. I bought both parts, and I didn't find anything negative in either of them. Leila is hot, the slime is amazing, and the filming was very well done. Leila looks great covered head to toe in this transparent slime and appears to be having a wonderful time. And as a hair fan that usually has to find material to my liking with a bunch of trial and error purchases, this was great. Lots of working the slime into her hair or running her hands through it, and lots of flipping her hair around her body. If she was to film another video like this with forward head dunking in it, I would probably never have to purchase another video again. Thank you Leila for your awesome work, and I am really looking forward to more from you in the future.

"Real WAM fetish model doing what real WAM fetish models do…"
gungefan  2/23/14

Whether it's Jessie's sense of silly fun, Jilly's sweet n' cheeky exhibitionism or Messy Lady's orgasmic love of wam, most of the models I like on UMD seem to have a special something that individually defines them. Leila's USP is her tremendous honesty. From wetlook, wam and fetish clothing to toys, masturbation and sex with a woman, she looks completely comfortable putting as much of her sexuality on screen as she can. Of course, every model-producer is by definition being open about their fetish just by posting a film to start with, but the way Leila looks you right in the eye in her scenes, both literally and metaphorically, means that for me she epitomises it.

This comes through in so many ways in this film, but it all adds up to the same thing: this is a true fetish scene. She wears a latex dress, gunges herself twice, then pies herself and finally a cut-away at the back of her dress enables her to sit down bare into the last pie. And all the while she's doing this, it's clear that she's really enjoying it. Whether it's her quiet absorption as she slowly pours the syrup and then the blue paint over herself, her giggles as she pies herself and then her lovely smile as keeps spreading the pie mess all over her body (I've never seen someone make just two pies go so far!), you're never in any doubt that you're watching a true wammer and that she's loving every minute of it.

The moment that sums it all up for me is around the 11 minute mark, when she puts the finishing touches to spreading the pies everywhere: only her eyes and mouth are visible and she looks totally relaxed and happy. A non-wammer could well see this and be a bit shocked – “But where's her dignity?” they'd ask – but as we know, they'd be missing the point. One of the main attractions of WAM is the freedom from precisely those sorts of constraints – someone can absolutely trash themselves with mess and yet it doesn't matter because it's fun and it's fun because it doesn't matter!

About the only thing missing is that Leila doesn't masturbate at the end, which she has done – and very sexily too! – in a few of her other scenes, although when the rest of the film is as good as this that's just a minor point. The extras are worth a look too, as they include a very nice photo set and a brief clip showing preparation of the shoot. Best of all though is the showering off at the end, as it supplies what's always a highlight of any Leila scene: the good view you get of the beautiful angel-wing tattoos that cover her entire back. I'm not normally a fan of extensive tattoos, but am happy to make an exception when they're this stunning. The way the blue ink contrasts so well with her gorgeous pale skin (I LOVE redheads) helps as well and the overall effect is amazing.

There's nothing wrong with clips that are just silly slapstick that the viewer brings sexual connotations to themselves – and a good thing too as it happens, as I've wasted a lot of money on Jessie's scenes otherwise! – but even so WAM is a fetish and when a film and model make this so abundantly clear they both automatically gain an extra dimension.

One of Leila's best.

"An excellent video. I'm a new fan!"
Myds  1/7/14

Leila looks great in this. The plot is good, and her outfit is wonderful. I once didn't think this model was "my type," but with this video she won me over! Looking forward to more of her work. The buildup to the WAM action leaves one anticipating so that when she gets messy, it is all the more amazing.

"Leila's pelvis knows how to work a cake!"
wamwright  4/30/13

Leila wears nothing but her pink and black bustier and her gorgeous red hair. I approve! She sits on the first cake backwards, which extrudes a nice ridge of buttcrack frosting. Things get really hot when Leila straddles the second cake facing the camera. She ever so gently kisses the cake with her, um, lady parts. Then she does a slow grind that forms a wave of frosting that crests down the front of the cake. Wonderful! Leila rubs the cake and frosting all up and down her front and into her hair. There's hardly any left on the floor. The syrup is a welcome bit of wetness. It soaks into Leila's hair, then spills down her face, over her breasts and into her bustier. This is a great video!

"Fully-clothed gunging never looked so good"
bravocharlie  4/18/13

If non-nude WAM is your thing then Leila is now your girl! In this, part one of two, Leila treats us to a fully-clothed gunging wearing a lovely little white t-shirt that goes lovely and see-through as more and more gunge is poured over her head. She complements the white tee with a really cute looking bra and a little pair of denim shorts.

Leila clearly enjoys rubbing it all over her clothes and her body and I could watch her doing that all day long. The quality of the video is plenty good enough to lap up the view. And the model, well, she's stunning! :)

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